Cars will have to peel off the high-speed straight into a tight chicane, which is followed by another 100 metres of straight pit lane before the speed limit begins at the pit entry white line.

The chicane is thus in effect part of the track, and in race conditions will have to be taken as fast as possible.

Sauber's Marcus Ericsson was one of the most outspoken, as he believes the entry could lead to 'big accidents'.

"The entry looks a bit interesting," said Ericsson. "You're going to come there very, very fast without any margin.

"You don't want to see cars crashing going into the pitlane, and I think it's going to be a bit of a discussion after Friday.

"You are going to have to brake and turn, and then it's sharp right/left, then you brake again for the speed limit.

"If it's like that it's like that, I don't mind, but it could lead to big accidents going into the pits, and I'm not sure that's what we want."

Big challenge

Daniel Ricciardo agreed that there was potential for incidents as drivers tried to take the chicane as quick as possible - but he thought it would be a fun challenge.

"I think it is going to be quite cool because the pit entry is a part where you can gain a bit of time," explained the Red Bull driver.

"This one in particular, if a driver gets it right and doesn't make a mistake, there is easily half a second, if not one second, on the pit entry between a good one and a bad one."

Asked what would happen if a driver gets it wrong, Ricciardo responded: "You either crash or you lose a lot of time!

"It could be cool if you are battling someone in the race and trying an undercut or an overcut, maybe what you do on the pit entry can dictate who wins that position."

Felipe Massa added: "I think we never had a pit entry like this. Maybe Interlagos but it's high speed and it's easier for sure than what it is here.

"Here it's a big braking and you have this chicane which is free, in terms of lap time, and then you have the line after.

"So you need to learn in a better way."

Sebastian Vettel added: "The pit entry looks a challenge, but then again that is why we are here."

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