Ingenium engine has enough diesel power to pull the equivalent weight of a Boeing 757 airplane.

Back in 1989, a Discovery I towed a bunch of carriages in Plymouth to show off the prowess of the 200TDi diesel engine which was brand new at that time. Fast forward to present day, Land Rover has released footage and several great images of a Discovery Sport equipped with the 180-hp, 430-Nm 2.0-liter Ingenium engine pulling three luxury train carriages weighing more than 100 tons (200,000 lbs). That’s roughly the equivalent of a Boeing 757 airplane. Speaking of airplanes, we remind you VW pulled a Boeing 747 in 2006 with a V10 TDI-powered Touareg.

Getting back to the Discovery Sport at hand, the demonstration took place through the Rhine region of northern Switzerland during a 10-km journey in which the SUV had to pull about 60 times its own weight. It managed to do it without a hitch thanks not only to the torquetastic engine, but also due to its numerous tech goodies such as Terrain Response, Tow Assist, Tow Hitch Assist, and All Terrain Progress Control.

With the exception of the rail wheels installed by Aquarius Railroad Technologies, the Discovery Sport did not suffer any other modifications. The end result is quite impressive taking into account the SUV used the standard nine-speed automatic transmission, so it did not have a low-range gearbox which would’ve been more suitable for such a demonstration.

Source: Land Rover

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