Like in a Burnout video game, a road buckle about 1.5 to 2 feet tall generated quite a few car stunts a few days ago in Minnesota on a highway near Edgerton Street on the border of Little Canada and St. Paul. Believed to be caused by heat, the road buckle served as a ramp for unsuspecting drivers, with their cars going airborne for a brief moment.

Although the speed limit in that area is 55 miles per hour (88 kph), locals say most people driving on the highway 36 are usually doing 65-70 mph (105-113 mph), according to people commenting on reddit. The road buckle emerged on Saturday and all the action was captured by a traffic camera belonging to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The issue has been fixed since then, so no harm done, unless some of the cars are going to need a new set of shock absorbers after the unexpected Dukes of Hazzard-like airtime. We found an extended version of the video which shows that lots of drivers actually noticed the bump in the road and had enough time to slow down. Some of them almost came to a full stop while others switched lanes to avoid it completely.