Sprint car driver Austin Williams deserves some credits towards a pilot's license after a massive crash that launched him into the air over a 22-foot catch fence. Cameras at the track recorded the entire, terrifying incident.

The 25-year-old driver was sliding around a corner on the dirt track at Perris Auto Speedway when his car tipped over at high speed and started to roll. The spinning vehicle then took a bad bounce and catapulted into the air. He briefly crashed down on top of the tall fence and eventually landed upside down on the other side. 

Thankfully, someone was on the scene within seconds after Williams plummeted back to earth. Track officials also checked on him, and Williams was able to walk away from the accident with no injuries. We bet the crash might have shaken his nerves and left him a little dizzy, though.

The announcer’s microphone captures the frightened onlookers’ reactions to the crash. You can hear their terror as Williams' car begins to tumble through the air, but they are relieved when he eventually crawls out of the wreck. This was the first time ever a vehicle had cleared the catch fence at the track.

Via: Black Flag