Modern storytelling through a 360-degree video from Google Spotlight Stories.

The special father-daughter bond is being presented in a six-minute VR animation that takes places inside a hatchback. Titled “Pearl,” the emotional video tells the story of a young musician trying to make a living to raise his daughter which as she grows discovers the same passion for music and follows the same path as her father. The tiring lifestyle changes as the time passes and the girl eventually makes it as an artist and starts to take the car on tours.

The roles get reversed, with the father eventually settling down and taking the back seat while his daughter is behind the wheel of the hatchback which can be considered as part of the family as well. The entire story is presented as a flashback after the grown up woman presses the play button of an old tape recorder inside the car.

The story’s focus is undoubtedly on the two main characters and tries to present in an emotional way the sacrifices the father had to make in order to provide a better life for his daughter. As she grows older, she goes through similar hurdles trying to make it in the music business and in the end of the video we see her arriving at a glitzy event in the very same humble hatchback that once served as her home.