CarPlay can now also show navigation instructions in car’s instrument cluster.

For drivers who use Apple CarPlay to sync their iPhones with their car’s infotainment system, several new features are on the way. Apple revealed today at its Worldwide Developers Conference that iOS 10 would have more functionality for the company’s Maps app, much of which will extend to CarPlay.

The biggest news is that Apple Maps will now be able to show turn-by-turn navigation instructions in a car’s instrument cluster, a feature common to OEM-integrated nav systems and rival smartphone app Android Auto. The Maps software will also let drivers find other locations, like gas stations or coffee shops, along their route, and it will show predicted traffic along the driving route. If traffic backs up, CarPlay will suggest alternate routes and will tell drivers how much time they could save. In addition, users can now swipe around the map while using navigation to preview upcoming turns and check traffic.

Apple is opening up the Siri app to outside developers to produce plugins, and although there are few details so far, the company says developers could, “use Siri to control CarPlay apps.” That might mean that drivers could use Siri to, say, select a new playlist on Spotify without taking their hands off the wheel.

iOS 10 will be available as a free download for the iPhone this fall.

Sources: Apple, The Verge

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