The tech lets you walk around and sit inside a simulated vehicle.

If you're ever waiting for a departure at the Munich Airport Center, you can now burn some time until takeoff by experiencing Audis in virtual reality. Situated in the spot previously for the Audi Forum, the new MyAudi Sphere showcases the German brand's cutting edge technology to visitors. 

Highlighting the importance of the newly renovated site, this is the first location where potential customers can try out the Audi Walking VR Experience. As the image above shows, visitors strap on a special headset, and they can then wander around a vehicle of their choice, which appears to be sitting in front of them. Users can even take a seat inside for a closer look at the cabin. Audi's VR setup also includes headphones that let a person hear the sound of the doors closing and replicate the brand's stereo systems. Eventually, the automaker intends to introduce the goggles to its dealers, starting first with the hottest markets. 

While visiting MyAudi Sphere, people can also try the Customer Private Lounge where they can configure a vehicle's options and view the changes on a high-resolution display, similar to the Audi City digital dealership experience. In addition, there are exhibits about the brand's high-tech headlights and the latest driver assistance systems.

Source: Audi

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