Ali approved the ad before his death.

Porsche is no longer airing a television commercial for the new 911 that prominently stars recently deceased boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The spot remains on the German sports car maker's YouTube page, and you can watch it above.

According to Automotive News, Porsche stopped showing the ad out of respect to the sports icon. The commercial, titled Compete, presents a young Ali boxing with himself and chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen playing against his doppelgänger. The spot attempts to sell the idea that the upgraded 911 is the only car that can improve upon the model's successful legacy.

Porsche started showing Compete in December. According to Automotive News, Ali approved the commercial's script before the advertising agency shot it. One of the boxing great's former trainers also worked with the body double in the ad to make sure the actor's movements looked like Ali.

Porsche lightly refreshed the 911's styling late last year, but the company made the revolutionary change of fitting even base models of the iconic sports car with a new 3.0-liter biturbo engine. The powerplant increased both engine output and fuel economy over the previous naturally aspirated units. The company also added an optional rear-wheel steering system to improve handling.

Source: Automotive News