Two electric SUVs and sedans planned.

Mercedes-Benz believes electric vehicles are the future. The Germans will create a new sub-brand that will be focused on designing and selling EVs – if we are to believe a new report, coming from Automotive News.

“When Tesla started coming up many years ago we decided at the time, and I believe correctly, that the technology wasn’t quite ready,” Daimler’s trucks chief, Wolfgang Bernhard, said in an interview. “Now we believe the time has come to earn money in e-mobility over the next five to 10 years.”

Citing “two people familiar with the plan, who asked not to be named because the details haven’t been disclosed,” AE says Mercedes will introduce two electric SUVs and two electric sedans through its new still unnamed sub-brand.

Apparently, the first glimpse of what is coming from this new company will be given at the Paris Motor Show in early October, when Mercedes will show an electric crossover concept, designed to rival the Tesla Model X.

“One of the people familiar with the plans” also said sales of the new electric models will start before the end of the decade, because Mercedes wants to take the next step on the EV market before BMW’s i division.

In addition to electric cars, Mercedes will also be working on electric heavy-duty delivery truck that should be ready for its market launch by early next decade. Also, an all-electric work van is in the cards, as reported recently.

Source: Automotive News