The photo mode looks robust, too.

Gran Turismo Sport will speed into next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo as the latest installment in Sony and Polyphony Digital’s long-lived motorsports video game franchise. This one puts a huge focus on racing online, and the companies are showing some of those interesting features in a new trailer.

Polyphony Digital aims to revolutionize online motorsports competition with Gran Turismo Sport because the company promises to hold weekly events with live commentary. Judging by this trailer, the people not competing can listen to the announcer and click through multiple angles of the action. If this is well implemented, the feature could be amazing by highlighting skilled gamers every week in front of a massive audience.

The trailer also shows off the livery editor and photo mode. While these features aren’t nearly as exciting as the racing, the graphics look amazing. The background look incredibly realistic, and it appears players have a lot of freedom to perfectly position their automotive subjects.

Gran Turismo Sport goes on sale November 15. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know the total number of cars or tracks, but this video suggests as wide of a selection as ever. Kazunori Yamauchi, leader of the Gran Turismo development team, will show off more of the game at E3. Maybe he’ll spill the beans about some more of the vehicles in it.

Source: Sony