In what looked like a scene from the next Fast and Furious movie, a driver in a Land Rover Range Rover slammed into a taxi and sideswiped several parked cars on a crowded street in Manhattan. The guy was trying to escape police who seemed to have him cornered, but people on the street captured the chaos as the crook got away.

According to WABC News, the chase began when the police attempted to stop the Range Rover’s driver for making an illegal turn. This seemingly minor offense caused the guy to flee. He eventually started going the wrong way down a street. A taxi was coming the other way, and the police were right behind him. You can watch the bedlam up close in the video below, including people yelling at the cops to shoot the guy. Warning, the clip contains explicit language, so it’s possibly not safe to view at work

After what happened in this clip, the driver later fled on foot, and police arrested him. According to WABC News, the driver now faces a litany of charges for his actions. The clip above offers a perspective on the chase from an apartment above the action. It shows just how close the taxi driver came to being seriously injured.


Source: WABC News