Could change how F1 is delivered to fans.

Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone thinks Heineken's arrival as a sponsor of the sport could be the thing that helps 'wake him up' over social media.

Ecclestone has long been sceptical about the benefits of social media, although more recently his F1 companies have been getting more active on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

But with Heineken so aware on the benefits of digital media, and eager to do more to promote the sport to a wider audience, Ecclestone believes that the company could help change his attitude about how F1 is delivered to fans.

When asked by about if he was happy for Heineken to do more on social media, Ecclestone said: “Absolutely. I've started to get a bit more interested anyway generally, before Heineken, but they are going to wake me up a bit.

“I've never taken a lot of notice and never believed it is going to do the things that people say it is going to do. So we wait and see, but I am happy to be working with them.”

Boost for F1

Although Ecclestone has boosted F1's coffers by around $250 million with the Heineken deal, which runs until 2023 with a break clause after 2020, he insists that money was not the primary motivation behind getting them on board.

Instead, he is happier with the fact that beer giant is so eager to help market the sport – especially in regions where F1 is not so popular.

“It is good. We like to attract big brands and this is as big a brand as there is. And I am very, very happy obviously. They are good for all our other brands, they will all help each other.

“It is nothing to do with money. It is not the point. We would be happy to have them on board if they didn't pay us!”

He added: “It is nice they are happy to be with us. We've had a few of these types of companies, breweries, wanting to come on board with us and have said no. They [Heineken] are responsible people.”


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