For $55,000, the company's retro roadster could offer customers lots of style for the money.

After showing renderings in December, Jannarelly Automotive’s Design-1 roadster appears nearly ready to hit the road. The company recently debuted a prototype for the retro-inspired sports car at public and private events in Dubai.

Jannarelly believes that development is on track to begin producing the Design-1 this summer, and the company claims it already has 20 confirmed orders for the roadster. Outside of Dubai, the firm also has a European distribution deal with sports car specialist Marcassus Sport in Toulouse, France. Prospective buyers in North America aren’t so lucky because the new automaker doesn’t yet have a partner there. “We are talking with several importers and we are still open to new ones,” founder Anthony Jannarelly said.

The Design-1’s styling evokes classic sports cars like the Ferrari Testarossa and Jaguar D-Type. It uses a steel tubular chassis, and customers choose between a fiberglass or carbon fiber body. A 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 sits behind the driver, and the powerplant sends 304 horsepower and 274 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. Jannarelly prioritizes acceleration over outright top speed, so the Design-1 sprints to 62 miles per hour in around 4 seconds. The car runs out of steam at 135 mph, though.

Unlike many boutique sports cars, the Design-1’s Special Launching Edition is surprisingly affordable. The company wants just $55,000 for its retro-inspired roadster that can potentially keep up with modern sports cars. If the firm can actually live up to that promise, the price seems like a steal.

Source: Jannarelly Automotive

Gallery: Jannarelly Design-1 Prototype Reveal in Dubai

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 The retro-futuristic roadster, Jannarelly Design-1, makes its frst public appearance

After the success of the project launch last December the team at Jannarelly Automotive has been working intensely to make the Design-1 a beautiful reality.

Dubai, June 7, 2016 - Anthony Jannarelly and Frederic Juillot, co-funders of Jannarelly Automotive have unveiled the very first prototype of the Jannarelly Design-1 during two original events representing the heritage and spirit of the 60's inspired roadster.

The reaction to the Design-1 has been so positive and reassuring that it represents a major milestone for Jannarelly. The production is due to start during Summer with already 20 orders confirmed.

“We worked hard before the unveiling to reach the aesthetic quality the design of the first Jannarelly deserves. Some parts are still at the prototype stage. We will be pushing further for our clients' car to make sure they feel the quality and effort we put into each Jannarelly" Frederic says.

PRIVATE UNVEILING at Tomini Classics, Dubai, the 25th of May 2016

The 60’s throwback has been officially introduced to a private audience in an exceptional and inspiring venue at Tomini Classics: an outstanding gallery of timeless classic cars located in Dubai.

“Tomini Classics was really the perfect place to launch the Design-1” Anthony says. “ it was also challenging as we decided to surround our modern creation with some of the most iconic cars in the history such as the Dino 246GT and The Shelby Cobra amongst many others.."

The original concept of the venue came from the open-minded Head of Tomini Classics, Assyl Yacine, and the will for Jannarelly to communicate to the audience the heritage and inspiration the Design-1 conveys.

“ At Tomini Classics, we have always been strong supporters of the local classic car movement, even at a grassroots level.” Mr Yacine says. “Influenced by cars like the Ferrari 250 Testarossa and the AC Cobra – cars that are very dear to us – the Jannarelly Roadster is blessed with a beautiful design which will turn

heads everywhere. With a talented and dedicated team behind the car, we have no doubt that it will win automotive hearts around the region and the world”.

A few examples of the exceptional car Tomini Classics owns are : Toyota 2000 GT, Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, Lamborghini 350 GT, 1961 Jaguar E-Type OTS Flat Floor, Aston Martin DB6, Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7, etc...

PUBLIC UNVEILING at Le Trésor – Classic Car Café, Dubai, the 27th of May 2016

The Jannarelly Design-1 was then introduced in a relax and chilled atmosphere at le Trésor: Classic Car café where true car lovers from Dubai meet early in the morning. The first clients of Jannarelly were also there to meet and discuss with the crowd. The Design-1 was set in the simplest manner under the sun light for people to get a proper sense of the attractive proportions of the car. The public reaction was outstanding and car lovers were in total accordance with the philosophy behind the Design-1: the joy of motoring through beauty and simplicity.

"It is clear, whichever generation you are from, that this car is the perfect meeting point between old and new, driving and racing - without the fuss and only pure joy as an experience all round " says one of the first client, Gaurav Dhar.

Setting up the dealer network: Europe and North America

For the past few months Jannarelly has concentrated on establishing its network in Europe with a specialist of lightweight sports cars: Marcassus Sport. The company is based in Toulouse, France and is the first seller of Lotus vehicles in Europe.

Regarding North America, Jannarelly Automotive is still looking for the right partner to establish a strong relationship and to make sure clients can enjoy their Design-1 in as many states as possible.

“We are extremely happy to receive so many requests from the USA and Canada, up to now we have received around 80 potential orders and we would like to inform everyone that Jannarelly is working hard to get the Design-1 to America. We are talking with several importers and we are still open to new ones.” Anthony says.

Next step

Jannarelly is currently refining and testing the prototype and will communicate soon on the progress.

About the Jannarelly Design-1:

Light and powerful with a ‘60s throwback feel, The Jannarelly Design-1 is a sports car paying tribute to the golden age of cars. A track ready, lightweight, 2-seater roadster, the car features a keen mix of vintage lines, simple mechanics and modern materials.
Technical specs:!specs/qe0a3

About Jannarelly

Jannarelly is aimed at car lovers seeking the joy of motoring in its purest form: the thrill of driving, the emotion of owning a beautiful object, with the free spirit of the golden age of sports cars.
Anthony Jannarelly is a car designer who styles the supercars for W Motors, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport. He also designed the upgraded off-road Zarooq Sand Racer, for which he joined forces with Frederic Juillot, car lover, custom boat manufacturer and expert in composite materials.

Since December 2015 Anthony and Frederic partnered under the company Equation Composites LLC in order to introduce the new car brand Jannarelly producing the retro-futuristic roadster Design-1