For $55,000, the company's retro roadster could offer customers lots of style for the money.

After showing renderings in December, Jannarelly Automotive’s Design-1 roadster appears nearly ready to hit the road. The company recently debuted a prototype for the retro-inspired sports car at public and private events in Dubai.

Jannarelly believes that development is on track to begin producing the Design-1 this summer, and the company claims it already has 20 confirmed orders for the roadster. Outside of Dubai, the firm also has a European distribution deal with sports car specialist Marcassus Sport in Toulouse, France. Prospective buyers in North America aren’t so lucky because the new automaker doesn’t yet have a partner there. “We are talking with several importers and we are still open to new ones,” founder Anthony Jannarelly said.

The Design-1’s styling evokes classic sports cars like the Ferrari Testarossa and Jaguar D-Type. It uses a steel tubular chassis, and customers choose between a fiberglass or carbon fiber body. A 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 sits behind the driver, and the powerplant sends 304 horsepower and 274 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed manual gearbox to the rear wheels. Jannarelly prioritizes acceleration over outright top speed, so the Design-1 sprints to 62 miles per hour in around 4 seconds. The car runs out of steam at 135 mph, though.

Unlike many boutique sports cars, the Design-1’s Special Launching Edition is surprisingly affordable. The company wants just $55,000 for its retro-inspired roadster that can potentially keep up with modern sports cars. If the firm can actually live up to that promise, the price seems like a steal.

Source: Jannarelly Automotive

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