Pininfarina organized a workshop to show off concepts envisioned by some of Europe’s best design students.

While none of the concepts will ever reach production, it’s still interesting to see how today’s students are envisioning tomorrow’s cars. Italy’s reputable design house Pininfarina organized towards the end of last year a workshop to show off the skills of students from prestigious schools like Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD), Umeå Institute of Design (UID), l’Institut Supérieur de Design Rubika (ISDR), and Istituto Europeo di Design (IED). Some of their work is currently being exhibited at the Turin Motor Show Parco Valentino (June 7-12).

Here are some interesting examples from all four schools:

IAAD - Molly

Pininfarina student design concepts of the future exhibited

IAAD’s Molly concept is billed as being a “virtual assistant” and has been envisioned with autonomous driving technology. While the car drives itself from point A to point B, those inside the cabin can focus on something else and enjoy a cozy atmosphere similar to that of our homes. The idea behind the concept is to provide those inside with a sense of freedom and security in a car that does not require any human control.

Pininfarina Galleria

Pininfarina student design concepts of the future exhibited

Representing the work of UID’s students, the Pininfarina Galleria tries to see into the future of rentable driverless cars. It has a museum-like interior cabin designed in collaboration with artists and architects to create a new art form that can be enjoyed by people on the go. While the car’s exterior remains the same, the cabin can be adapted to various requirements to better suit specific tastes.

La Protezione Materna

Pininfarina student design concepts of the future exhibited

Envisioned by ISDR’s students, La Protezione Materna is a smart vehicle that can automatically detect whether the driver is suitable to take control. If the on-board sensors consider the driver is too stressed to handle the car, it switches to a more relaxing armchair-like position. In case the computers figure out the driver has what it takes to take control, the concept enables a sportier driving position in the same vein as a motorcycle.

Entity and Companion

Pininfarina student design concepts of the future exhibited

The project of a student attending IED, Entity and Companion concept represents an “autonomous artificial intelligence car” suitable for long-distance travelling. It boasts a massive panoramic roof called “sky dome” and comes bundled with a so-called “Companion.” It’s a secondary vehicle the size of a baby stroller suitable for up to nine-year-old kids and can be operated independently or stored within the concept.

Source: Pininfarina



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