The restaurant claims the incident happened because of a misunderstanding.

Members of the North Face Rally car club in Canada weren’t happy with a restaurant’s service, and they decided the best way to express their frustration was revving a fleet of performance cars in front of the All Star Wings & Ribs in Vaughn, Ontario. The group had an impressive array of vehicles to get people’s attention, including a couple Lamborghinis and an Aston Martin.

In the video below, you can hear someone saying they couldn’t get a table, but the restaurant claims this is a misunderstanding. In a lengthy post on Facebook, All Star Wings & Ribs alleged that 14 members of the club requested a table without a reservation at around 9:00 PM local time on May 24. When a hostess eventually seated them, she said they were “lucky to get a table.” The woman meant this in reference to how busy the restaurant was. However, the people from North Face Rally thought she was being racist, and they left. The members then started revving outside the eatery to vocalize their anger.

“Please accept our deepest apologies for all those who were offended and misunderstood the message conveyed by our staff member. If another table was sat before, or there were empty tables, it was only because at the time, the venue only had smaller tables available,” the company wrote on Facebook.


Source: All Star Wings & Ribs