Trailer is equipped with an interactive projection system.

Toyota has unveiled the Camatte Capsule ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Toy Show.

Designed to be towed by the company's Camatte concepts, the Camatte Capsule is a customizable trailer geared towards children.  As Toyota explains, the trailer is equipped with an interactive projection system which enables "children to freely visualize what they might want to do or place inside" the Camatte Capsule.

Show goers will be able to customize the trailer by using a tablet with a specially designed app.  The app allows users to select between six different color patterns and then add up to eight different objects into the trailer.  Some of the objects apparently include a bed, a basketball hoop, and a toolbox.

The resulting design is projected on three walls in the trailer and Toyota envisions parents will talks with their kids about what they have designed.  The company says this is part of their ongoing effort to "convey the joy and dreams of motor vehicles to the next generation."

The trailer will be shown alongside a handful of other concepts including the Camatte Sora, Camatte 57s, and the Camatte Hajime.

Source: Toyota

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