Luis Salom's SAG team says the bump at Turn 12 of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya contributed to the crash in which the Spanish rider was killed.

Salom lost control at the corner during second practice on Friday, falling and hitting his bike after it had impacted against the barriers.

Despite the best efforts of MotoGP's medical team and the staff at Hospital General de Catalunya,
the 24-year-old rider passed away.

On Monday, the SAG team issued a statement after having analysed the telemetry from Salom's bike.

The team said on the lap of the accident, Salom had left his braking later than on previous laps, leading to reaching the Turn 12 bump at a higher speed.

That meant the front tyre lost grip, resulting in the crash.

"At the entry of the corner there is an irregularity on the asphalt known by all the riders [the bump]," said the team in a statement.

"The delay in the braking made Luis keep the brakes on while running over that asphalt irregularity, as opposed to the previous laps, where he had already released the brakes at that point

"That, added to the same speed as his best lap in FP2, produced a stress on the front tyre and a grip loss on the irregularity of the asphalt. That grip loss produced the crash with the tragic outcome that we all know."

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