Working on old cars can be a struggle: Rusted bolts, brittle rubber hoses, the struggle of finding replacement parts, and more. Never before, though, have we seen a pair of mechanics have such hilarious problems when attempting to repair an old Fiat 500.

“Voltige” is a simple animated short from French computer graphics student Léo Brunel that follows two bumbling garage employees tasked with fixing up a Cinquecento. Things start off without a hitch, with one mechanic rummaging for wrenches in a toolbox which the other tightens some nuts under the hood. But when the latter worker slams the car’s hood -- forgetting that the Fiat is, for some inexplicable reason, supported on a swinging gantry -- things go seriously wrong.

With neither dialogue nor music, and less than two minutes in length, “Voltige” still manages to tell a hilarious tale of escalating pratfalls with the Fiat 500. Without giving too much away, it’s safe to say that the hatchback ends up needing even more repairs once the bumbling mechanics have their way.

Let’s just hope these guys aren’t on duty next time you take your car into the shop.

Source: Vimeo

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