We've already seen some pretty interesting and scary things happen on the road but the latest video from Oklahoma is just insane.

According to NBC affiliate KFOR, a couple was driving on Highway 62, in a Nissan 300ZX, when they attempted to pass another vehicle.  This didn't set well with the driver of a Ram who took offense to the prolonged passing maneuver.

As you can see, the truck began tailgating the Nissan and came within inches of the vehicle's bumper.  A passenger in another vehicle began recording the incident and things quickly escalated.

The driver of the Ram apparently snapped, swerved to the left, and ran into the back of the Nissan.  The attack wasn't over as the Ram apparently tried to force the Nissan off the road.  This illegal and dangerous tactic eventually worked and sent the Nissan spinning off into a guardrail.The Nissan suffered significant damage but the couple escaped with minor injuries.

The driver of the Ram fled the scene and is reportedly still on the loose.  Police haven't revealed the identity of the suspect but told reporters the "driver is on their radar and they are asking for the public’s help finding him."

Source: KFOR via Jalopnik