Coming from the roof of the Lingotta building complex in Turin, Fiat is unveiling the new Grande Panda and much of the information about it. Italian design and a global platform are the pillars on which Fiat's new hatchback is based, produced in Serbia to make the most of Stellantis Group synergies in the face of global competition, and which will flank the traditional Panda in the range, made in Pomigliano d'Arco.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), exterior

Based on the Smart Car platform already used on the latest Citroën C3, the new Fiat Grande Panda puts a lot of emphasis on style, almost plays with it, and openly refers to the square, regular shapes of the original Panda from 1980. Clearly, the overall dimensions have been completely revised - otherwise, what kind of 'big' Panda would it be? The result is a five-door body with a length of just under four metres.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), side view

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), rear view

The headlamps are based on the square headlamps of the first series, but reinterpreted with pixels in the upper part which are then camouflaged in the texture of the black stripe that runs across the entire width. The main light beams are hidden in the lower part of this strip. The Fiat logo is positioned on a flap which, on the electric version, conceals an integrated charging cable: this is the first car to be equipped with one.

On the side, the mouldings on the lower part of the doors bearing the model name stand out and, once again, the particularly smooth styling accentuates the compactness of the dimensions.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), side lettering

At the rear, there is a reference to the Panda headlights of the 1980s, small and vertical, characterised by transparent caps and a three-dimensional shape defined by the contour of the shoulder.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), rear lights

The brand name in embossed on the tailgate, while the model name appears at the bottom right. The wheels are 17 inches and the ground clearance, higher than that of a normal saloon, underlines the soul of the crossover.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), dimensions

Some thirty centimetres longer than the "Pandina", the new Grande Panda fills the gap left by the departure of the Grande Punto.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)  
Length 3.99 metres
Width 1.76 metres
Height 1.57 metres high
Luggage compartment capacity 361 litres

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), interior

The Grande Panda's interior proves that "simple" does not mean banal or boring. The interior, although linear and intuitive, is rich in details that enhance the atmosphere. For example, the two large ovals that form the shape of the dashboard at the top and the console at the bottom are inspired by the shape of the driving circuit on the roof of the Lingotto in Turin. So much so that in the centre of the dashboard, you can even see the silhouette of the Panda in a bend.

The air vents echo the polygonal shape of the headlamps, while in front of the front passenger there is a glovebox that echoes the concept of the emblematic pocket on the historic Panda.

The digital instrumentation is on a screen 10 inches in diameter, while the infotainment system measures 10.25 inches and features software that is simple and intuitive in its graphics. Below the screen, there are physical buttons for climate control, including the progressively adjustable seats, and further down, USB-C sockets, a 12V socket and a tunnel with inductive charging for the phone and controls for the gear selector.

In the rear, there's room for three, with isofix child seat attachments on the side seats, while the boot measures 361 litres.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), engines

The Smart Car's platform is known as 'multi-energy' because it allows a wide range of engines to be installed. As with the Citroën C3 mentioned above, the Grande Panda is offered in a combustion variant and an all-electric variant.

The latter features a 44 kWh iron phosphate battery powering an 83 kW motor, equivalent to around 113 PS. It promises a WLTP range of 199 miles. No charging specifications have yet been released, but the C3 accepts up to 100 kW of direct current, for a recharge from 20 to 80% in around 26 minutes, and up to 7.4 kW of alternating current.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024) on the roof of the Lingotto in Turin

No information has been released on the internal combustion version but, again using Citroën's half-sister as a reference, it is certain that it will be the now familiar 1.2-litre three-cylinder 100 PS engine, likely to be offered both in the petrol variant with six-speed manual gearbox and in the mild hybrid version, combined with an automatic transmission. In all cases, front-wheel drive is the only option.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024), price

At the time of the first official presentation, the price list for the Fiat Grande Panda had not yet been made public. Until we know the actual prices, it is estimated that the hybrid version could cost around €20,000 (approx. £17,000), while the electric version should cost around €25,000 (£21,000).

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