Tesla's success as a car manufacturer we all know today is largely due to the Roadster. The Roadster, of course, was born on the basis of the Lotus Elise and produced in 2,450 examples between 2008 and 2012.

Today, there are still great fans of the model, not least because of the symbolic value it had in kick-starting Elon Musk and co.'s adventures in the world of zero-emission mobility that all the major manufacturers are now trying to embrace.

But there are fewer and fewer Tesla Roadsters for sale. Let alone special examples like the one that has just been put up for auction on Cars & Bids.

From vice president to collector

This is a completely original Tesla Roadster that was used by the company's R&D department. A unique prototype in terms of history, look and technical characteristics.

The Tesla Roadster prototype with performance pack from 2011
Cars And Bids

The Tesla Roadster prototype with performance pack from 2011

The car, a 2011 Tesla Roadster called the 'Roadster RR' or 'Roadster E-Sport' with serial number #1124, was purchased by Tesla in 2012 after it had been wrecked. It was bought by then Vice President Joost de Vries, who had it restored in-house under the supervision of the company's then service manager (a certain Carl Medlock who now runs a workshop specialising in repairing... Tesla Roadsters). But it doesn't end there.

What the Performance Package included

The car is not only unique because of the names in the booklet. De Vries, in fact, wanted to use example #1124 to develop a 'performance package' for the model. A sort of aftermarket pack that would allow the company's service centres to expand their business.

The Tesla Roadster prototype with performance pack from 2011
Cars And Bids

Only the bumpers and other subpanels remain plastic

Spoilers: the package in question was never put on the market. Thus, the Roadster that has now ended up at auction remains the only one to have it. It consists of a number of interesting accessories.

  • Tarox Italian Performance braking system
  • Dedicated ABS developed by Continental
  • Hollinger signature limited slip differential
  • Bilstein Performance sports suspension
  • Handcrafted raw carbon bodywork
The Tesla Roadster prototype with performance pack from 2011
Cars And Bids

The package was intended to sell for $30,000 (approx. £23,400) at the time, but was then put in a drawer due to a series of disagreements between the management. So, all things considered, this remains the only example with these features and the only one that received them directly from Tesla. For those interested, the auction ends on 15 July. At the moment, the highest bid says $71,000. Ah, the car has covered 31,800 miles and received a brand new battery in 2022.

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