BYD's expansion strategy in Europe will no longer be limited to its electric and hybrid cars from the now well-known brand. In fact, the Chinese group has decided to introduce a series of Denza-branded cars (also electric or hybrid) on the Old Continent's markets.

In fact, the cars were already presented in Europe at the recent Munich Motor Show. On the BYD stand was a Denza D9, an ultra-luxurious MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that aims to compete with the Mercedes V-Class and others. But the debut here is now official and will see the arrival of a whole series of cars.  

Two brands in one

The first to make its debut is expected to be the Denza Z9 GT, a luxury estate focused on comfort and performance. A launch date for Western markets has not yet been set. The head of European operations, Yi Sun, told the British magazine Autocar that the brand was currently concentrating on setting up a suitable dealer network.

Denza D9 with 2 charging ports

Denza D9: minivan with 2 charging ports

The idea is in fact to position Denza (a brand born of a 50/50 joint venture between BYD and Mercedes and now 90% owned by BYD) as a direct competitor to other top-of-the-range brands such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Under the Denza brand, BYD also intends to sell cars known in China as Fangcheng Bao, whose production focuses on square-shaped models with strong off-road qualities.

Electric or plug-in

Back to the Denza Z9 GT. This model is enjoying a degree of success in China thanks to a number of factors that are much appreciated in the land of the Dragon. The first is rear-seat space, and the second is the fact that, among the equipment on offer, there are two fridges, one of which, with a capacity of 10 litres, is specifically for those sitting in the second row of seats.

The Denza Z9 GT has the shape of an estate car but the layout of a limousine

Will they also make an impression in Europe? It's hard to say. The needs of Chinese motorists are different, as are their tastes in cars and options. It is interesting to note, however, that as well as cooling, the two compartments can also heat food and drink (up to 50 degrees).

The Denza Z9 GT is 5.18 metres long and has a wheelbase of 3.13 metres. It is available in a fully electric or hybrid version. The former, whose exact battery capacity is not known (a new BYD Blade Battery gives a range of 1,000 km / 621 miles), has three electric motors, one at the front and two at the rear, and a power output of 965 PS. The plug-in hybrid, which is powered by a 2.0 turbo petrol engine, is equipped with a 38.5 kWh Blade Battery that provides a range of over 150 km (93 miles) without emissions, and is similar in power to the BEV version.