When a project bears the name "Sky is the Limit", it not only raises high expectations, but also demonstrates the aspirations of the creative minds behind it. This BMW XM was highly customised by the Alcantara company. The fine material was not only used in the interior, but also on the outer skin. Car washes cancelled from now on!

Milan is the home of the fashion world, so it comes as no surprise that this result of a co-operation between BMW Italia and Alcantara was presented in the fashion metropolis of all places. After all, the mighty BMW XM is now wearing an elegant Alcantara outfit, which was literally tailored to its body. Incidentally, this is not its first dress, as the XM has already worn something like this in velvet!

Gallery: BMW XM with Alcantara - Sky is the Limit

The use of Alcantara on the exterior is quite unusual as the black BMW Alcantara creates a matt effect that contrasts with the glossy black applications. The surfaces have obviously been carefully crafted by hand with great attention to detail. This is something that is usually only seen at tuning meetings, but not in this quality. The only unanswered question: How do you look after something like this, and especially after a 300 mile trip in the rain? But that's unlikely to happen with this show vehicle.

Let's move on to the interior, where the designers also let off steam. Great importance was attached to visually separating the two areas "Cockpit" and "M-Lounge". The cockpit is upholstered in black BMW Alcantara, including the seats and the left door trim. This is intended to emphasise the dynamism and sportiness of the brand and convey a strong sense of envelopment.

In contrast, the rear seats are upholstered in ice white Alcantara to create a luxurious and exclusive ambience reminiscent of an elegant lounge. The centre armrest of the rear seats contains a compartment for a bottle and two glasses.

Two small additional cushions in ice-coloured Alcantara with the same pattern as the doors and headlining are designed to ensure maximum comfort for passengers in the rear seats. The headlining is also made of ice-white Alcantara with a digital print that creates a fading effect.

The door panels, dashboard, centre console and seats feature a new, exclusive surface that presents a laser-perforated pattern on a blue background. The accents in the colours of the Italian flag, which are continued in the pattern, emphasise the "Made in Italy" design.

The whole thing is of course very extroverted and bold, but if any vehicle can easily cope with such an upgrade, it is the BMW XM, which is not lacking in self-confidence.