BYD is launching in China the new version of the Dolphin, one of the cheapest electric cars sold outside the country.

The 2025 version arrives just six months after the special Dolphin Glory series, which was listed at a very attractive price: it costs 99,800 yuan, or around €12,500 (approx. £10,500). The interesting thing is that the new BYD has the same starting price as the Glory, but better technical characteristics.

Up to 323 miles of range

The new BYD Dolphin, designated as a 'renewal', is available in four trim levels and with two battery sizes. In addition to the usual 45 kWh 'blade battery', the top Knight trim adopts a larger 60 kWh battery.

BYD Dolphin (Europe)

BYD Dolphin: Design version has two-tone bodywork

Thanks to a series of powertrain improvements, the new Dolphin is also more efficient. The version with a 45 kWh battery travels up to 261 miles on a full tank of electrons, while the one with a 60 kWh accumulator achieves a range of 323 miles, although these are values homologated according to the Chinese CLTC cycle which, compared to the WLTP, is somewhat more 'generous'.

The top version, the one with the 60 kWh battery, also has a more powerful motor. Instead of 95 PS it unloads 204 PS to the ground (previously the maximum power available on the model was 177 PS).

BYD Dolphin (Europe)

Like many BYD models, the central screen rotates 90 degrees and can be positioned horizontally or vertically

Version Battery Power Autonomy
Vitality 45 kWh 95 PS 261 miles
Free 45 kWh 95 PS 261 miles
Fashion 45 kWh 95 PS 261 miles
Knight 60 kWh 204 PS 323 miles

Also expected in Europe

The new BYD Dolphin 2025 is also expected to arrive in the future in Europe, where the previous version is currently on sale in Italy. Clearly, for a whole series of reasons, the Chinese electric car is much more expensive here.

In our part of the world, the Dolphin is available in two versions: Comfort and Design, with prices of €33,790 and €35,790 (£28,500 and £30,200) respectively. Things may change in the future. If for the time being the car comes from a Chinese factory, future examples for Europe could come from the new factories BYD is building in Thailand and Turkey.

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