Honda and Nissan may soon join forces to study software and charging for the electric cars of the future. This was reported by the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Asia and quoted by Automotive News Europe, according to which the aim of the two manufacturers is to use standardised automotive software and work together on the charging of tomorrow's electric vehicles.

Joint plans

The idea of creating an alliance to study the technologies of the future is certainly not new in the Japanese archipelago. In fact, Nissan and Honda themselves had already declared in March their intention to form a partnership on the production of components for electric cars.

The two manufacturers, in particular, are among the largest in Japan today, and the conclusion of the agreement could bring both enormous advantages in reducing costs in research and development of new technologies.

Honda Saloon Concept

Honda Saloon Concept

Neither of them has confirmed or denied the partnership hypothesis for the time being. What is certain, however, is that it could be very important from an economic point of view, especially in order to compete with the increasingly fierce Chinese manufacturers in the eastern market.

A car together?

As we had reported, should the negotiations between the two companies go ahead, the two companies could also create a joint architecture, which could allow both to contain costs and be more competitive both in the global market and at 'home', given that, let us remember, in 2023 alone BYD accounted for 20% of electric cars sold in Japan.

But not only that, Europe too could be fertile ground for the new BEVs on the two manufacturers' 'common' platform.