Ok, we agree, the Alfa Romeo Junior is one model even if it is sold with three different powertrains, but given the differences between the three models it almost comes naturally to us to speak in this case of the car with three faces.

This is because the differences in mechanics, power, performance and finish are such that they clearly distinguish one Alfa Romeo Junior from another.

To understand what are these more or less obvious details that differentiate them, we decided to make a quick comparison on paper to also understand which model is the most suitable for each driver.

Alfa Romeo Junior hybrid

Let's start with the Alfa Romeo Junior hybrid which, in addition to the mild hybrid 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol 48-volt engine with 136 PS, boasts an electrified 6-speed eDCT dual-clutch automatic transmission and the highest top speed of the trio with 128 mph. The two electrics reach 93 and 124 mph.

Alfa Romeo Milan

Alfa Romeo Junior hybrid, front three-quarter view

Like the two electric variants, the Junior Hybrid has front-wheel drive, a length of 4.17 metres and a width of 1.78 metres. In terms of dimensions, the Junior Hybrid differs from the others in its wheelbase of 2.55 metres compared to the 2.56 metres of the electrics, but also in its height, which reaches 1.53 metres.

The Junior Veloce, i.e. the 280 PS electric, has a decidedly sportier set-up, lowered by 25 millimetres which brings the total height to just over 1.50 metres.

Alfa Romeo Junior hybrid, rear three-quarter view

Alfa Romeo Junior hybrid, rear three-quarter view

A further element that distinguishes the Alfa Romeo Junior in hybrid version from the two electrics is the load capacity of the rear boot, which in the case of the mild hybrid ranges between 415 and 1,280 litres and on the two EVs reaches 400/1,265 litres. A small loss of space is also due to the presence of the 51 kWh (net) battery.

The detail of the legendary shield

The detail of the legendary shield

The detail of the Progresso shield

The detail of the Progresso shield

The Junior hybrid can be chosen in a basic version with the 'Legend' or 'Progresso' front shield. The 'Leggenda' badge with Alfa Romeo lettering in italics on two lines is reserved for the basic version, while the special equipment has the 'Progresso' badge that reinterprets the Alfa Romeo logo symbol in a modern key. The hybrid has 17-inch alloy wheels as standard.

Size comparison

  Junior hybrid Junior electric 156 hp Junior electric 280 hp
Length 4.17 m 4.17 m 4.17 m
Width 1.78 m 1.78 m 1.78 m
Height 1.53 m 1.53 m 1.50 m
Wheelbase 2.55 m 2.56 m 2.56 m
Luggage compartment 415/1,280 l 400/1,265 l 400/1,265 l
Basic wheel rims 17-inch 18-inch 20-inch
Front brakes 302x26 mm 302x26 mm  382x32 mm 
Rear brakes 249x10 mm 268x12 mm 268x12 mm

156 PS electric Alfa Romeo

We now turn to the 156 PS electric Alfa Romeo Junior, the entry-level version of the zero-emission range that has a combined WLTP range of up to 255 miles. Its 9-second 0-62 mph acceleration is very close to the 8.9 seconds of the Junior hybrid.

Alfa Romeo Junior electric, the side view

Alfa Romeo Junior electric, the side view

This is also due to the weight/power ratio of the electric model, which has a mass of 1,545 kg against the hybrid's 1,305 kg. We are therefore talking about 240 kg more to carry around. Also changing is the diameter and thickness of the rear brake discs, which rise from 249x10 mm to 268x12 mm. Those at the front remain unchanged at 302x26 mm.

Electric Alfa Romeo Junior, the interior

Electric Alfa Romeo Junior, the interior

Even in the case of the electric, it is possible to have either the 'Legend' badge or the 'Progresso' badge, depending on whether you opt for the standard or special version. As standard, it has 18-inch alloy wheels.

Engine and power comparison

  Junior hybrid Junior electric 156 PS Junior electric 280 PS
Engine 1.2 turbo petrol 3-cylinder mild hybrid electric electric
Power 136 PS 156 PS 280 PS
Torque 230 Nm 260 Nm 345 Nm
Drive Front Front Front
Gearbox eDCT6 dual-clutch automatic 1-speed automatic 1-speed automatic

Alfa Romeo electric 280 PS

Finally, here we come to the Alfa Romeo Junior 280 Veloce, the most powerful and sporty electric version which, as its name suggests, has the electric motor increased to 280 PS and 345 Nm, but also the latest generation TorSen 'D' mechanical limited slip differential (an evolution of the one on the Alfa 147 Q2 of 2006), 20-inch rims, 382x32 mm front brake discs, specific anti-roll bar at the front and specific torsion bar at the rear.

Alfa Romeo Junior electric 280 hp Veloce
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Junior electric 280 hp Veloce

The result is a speed in excess of 120 mph and a 0-62 mph time of just 5.9 seconds, even though the unladen weight reaches 1,590 kg. The WLTP combined electric range in this case is 208 miles.

The detail of the 20-inch rims
Alfa Romeo

The detail of the 20" rims

The steering ratio is also more direct on the 280 PS Veloce electric Junior, going from 15.8:1 to 14.6:1. The front shield is still the 'Progresso' type, but the two-tone livery and Corsa seats in black and red suede stand out.

Performance comparison

  Junior hybrid Junior electric 156 hp Junior electric 280 hp
Top speed 128 mph 93 mph 124 mph
Acceleration 0-100 8.9 s 9.0 s 5.9 s
Fuel consumption 57.6-54.3 mpg-UK - -
Electric range - 255 miles 208 miles

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