In our quest to find cheap second-hand camper vans in good condition, we have come across an offer, a priori, unrepayable. Yes, because it's an Opel Combo Life that only costs €20,000 (approx. £17,000)!

Indeed, for what you pay for an (affordable) urban SUV or a compact, you can get a motorhome. The vehicle was registered in April 2022 and has covered 58,000 kilometres (36,000 miles), so it still has a lot to give and many trips to complete. 

Camper with double bed and fridge

As you can see in the photos, it is a simple camper, without any great fanfare, which has the basics to sleep in it. Interestingly, it is not the elongated Combo, which is 4.75 metres long, but the standard, which is 4.40 metres long. 

The camper has a double bed in the rear, plus a fridge for food storage and cooking. Two chairs and a camping table are also included, in order to hang out comfortably outside the vehicle. 

Opel Combo Life camper

Opel Combo Life camper

Navigator and Android Auto

The advert states that the windows are tinted so that sunlight is less disturbing in the cabin. The Combi also comes with original navigation and Android Auto compatible multimedia system. So you'll get to your destination without any mistakes. 

Despite being a compact van, it never hurts to have rear parking sensors, especially when visibility in the interior mirror is very limited. 

Diesel camper van

The engine is a 100 PS turbodiesel engine block that is both efficient and economical, and is combined with an AdBlue tank to reduce pollution by reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) in the exhaust. 

If you want to find out more about this affordable van or get in touch with the seller, the following link to Mundovan, the advertising website, will help you find what you're looking for. Let's travel this summer with your new camper!

Source: Mundovan