Suzuki is one of the few carmakers that still does not have a pure electric car in its range, but things are about to change. In early 2025, at the Indian Motor Show, the Japanese company, with its subsidiary Maruti-Suzuki, will present its first zero-emission car for the general public.

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo, scheduled for 17-22 January 2025, will also feature a battery-powered car for sale next year. It will be derived from the eVX small SUV concept presented at the 2023 edition of the Indian event and is a true flagship model for the Hamamatsu brand. Let's find out why.

A new plant producing 1 million cars a year

Let's start with an indiscretion. As reported by local newspaper The Hindu Businessline, Maruti-Suzuki president Chandra Bhargava has said that this compact electric SUV will not only be sold in India and other emerging countries in South-East Asia, but will also reach Japan and Europe.

Suzuki EVX Concept

Suzuki EVX Concept plans electric SUV that will also arrive in Europe

In fact, the carmaker will start exporting immediately and then, once production is fully up and running, it will also start selling the car on the domestic market. The eVX (a name that could change) will therefore be a global car.

To meet the needs of motorists around the world, the Indian company (in which Suzuki has a stake of around 58%) is building a new factory which, thanks to an investment of around €350 million, will use newly-developed assembly lines capable of producing 750,000 to 1 million units a year.

Up to 342 mile range

The Suzuki eVX will be built on a new platform designed exclusively for electric cars. It will be 4.3 metres long, 1.8 metres wide and 1.6 metres high. Thanks to the adoption of a 60 kWh battery, it should be able to travel up to 342 miles on a full tank of electrons.

The 6 electric vehicles that Suzuki announced in its plan towards electrification

The six electric vehicles announced by Suzuki as part of its electrification plan

The Suzuki eVX will also be available in four-wheel drive versions. All-wheel drive, as is the case with the vast majority of battery-only cars, is guaranteed by the adoption of two electric motors arranged on the front axle and one on the rear axle. The car will be the first in a family of models that Maruti-Suzuki plans to produce over the coming years.

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