Ferrari's near future is made up of supercars and hypercars with petrol engines, including the ubiquitous V12 in the Maranello tradition, not forgetting hybrids, but in the Prancing Horse's range there is also room for the first electric car that we will see in 2025.

The styling of the electric Ferrari is still a mystery, but based on the first and very recent spy shots in circulation, we've tried to imagine with an exclusive rendering the shape of what looks like a low-slung, sleek, battery-powered crossover SUV.

From spy shots to renderings of the elevated GT

In fact, Ferrari has yet to reveal anything about the design and layout of its first electric model. Some unconfirmed rumours point to an emission-free two-seater, but spy shots with bodywork borrowed from the Maserati Levante have convinced us to create a crossover-style rendering of the next Ferrari EV.

Electric Ferrari (2025),'s rendering

Electric Ferrari (2025), rendered by

What emerged was a digital image of a little sister to the Purosangue, a low-slung crossover SUV with five doors and a front end that recalls the styling of the Ferrari Roma in many ways.

The rest of the bodywork, on the other hand, seems to introduce the theme of the raised five-door saloon, a combination, or 'crossover' in fact, that combines the theme of the four-seater GT with that of the low, sleek SUV more familiar with the track than the dirt road.

Spy photos of the Ferrari EV mule

Spy photos of the electric Ferrari

Production from early 2025 in the new electronics building

There is no official information yet on the first ever electric Ferrari, which will be built in Maranello's new electronics building factory from early 2025. Other than that it will have an "authentic sound", like a "real Ferrari", as Product Marketing Manager Emanuele Carando said.

Ferrari has also mentioned in the past the design and production at Maranello of structural super batteries and specific high-efficiency engines.

Ferrari e-building

Ferrari e-building

According to the company's plans, sales of the new electric car should reach 10% of the total, while the price has not yet been announced. For the moment, the only unofficial indication comes from a rumour picked up by Reuters, which speaks of a base price of €500,000 (approx. £425,000).

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Source: Motor1