In the age of increasing road safety measures, traffic enforcement cameras have become a vital tool for monitoring and managing driver behaviour. Speed cameras and red light cameras are essential for detecting and deterring dangerous driving, although they sometimes catch unsuspecting drivers off guard, leading to frustration over unexpected fines. recently conducted an in-depth study to identify which countries lead the world in traffic enforcement cameras. The analysis included both speed and red light cameras, ranking the top 20 nations based on the total number of these devices. The United Kingdom ranked fourth.

Brazil tops the list

Brazil emerged as the global leader with a staggering 15,380 traffic enforcement cameras, comprising 1,170 red light cameras and 14,210 speed cameras. This figure surpasses the second-place country by over 1,000 cameras. Brazil’s extensive network of more than 1 million miles of highways, including numerous unpaved and hazardous roads, underscores the need for such robust monitoring to ensure driver safety in both urban and rural areas.

Italy follows closely

Italy holds the second position with 10,425 traffic cameras, divided between 2,321 red light cameras and 8,104 speed cameras. Italian drivers face fines starting at €35 for minor speeding offenses, with penalties escalating for more significant infractions. Accumulating 20 or more penalty points within two years can lead to a one-year driving ban for foreign visitors.

United States and United Kingdom

The United States ranks third with 7,975 cameras, including 3,974 red light cameras and 4,001 speed cameras. Traffic regulations in the US vary widely by state, with Texas boasting the highest speed limit at 85 mph, contrasting with Washington, DC’s 55 mph limit due to fewer rural freeways.

The United Kingdom comes in fourth with 4,815 cameras, split between 811 red light cameras and 4,004 speed cameras. Speeding remains the most prevalent driving offense in the United Kingdom, with 2022 seeing a record 236,480 convictions in England and Wales alone. The country’s freeway speed limit is set at 70 mph, with higher penalties for violations on these faster roads.

Countries with the most traffic cameras in the world

Countries with the most traffic cameras in the world

The study utilised data from the SCDB, encompassing 112 countries to determine the number of speed and red light cameras. The results offer a detailed ranking of the top 20 countries with the highest total number of traffic enforcement cameras, reflecting a global commitment to road safety and the prevention of traffic-related injuries and fatalities. The full results from the survey can be found at the source link below.