The situation of the Toyota RAV4 on the market is really strange. The current generation, the fifth, has been on sale since 2019 without having undergone a mid-cycle restyling and, moreover, it is overshadowing the Corolla Cross because there is barely €1,500 difference between the two.  

This means that many customers who come to the dealership interested in the 140 PS Corolla Cross hybrid are likely to take home the larger RAV4, with 218 PS. 

But beyond that, the fact is that the Recreational Active Vehicle 4, the RAV4, is long overdue for a new delivery, and from what we've seen on the Internet, we can't rule out anything aesthetically.

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New RAV4, a C-HR in a big way?

So, the new SUV could be a scaled-down clone of the vintage Land Cruiser that's about to hit dealerships. However, it could also look like the successful C-HR, as you can see in the digital model at the top of this article. 

Looking at this recreation, the headlamps are clearly inherited from its smaller 'brother', although there is no departure from the current RAV4, as it retains the trapezoidal wheel arches and a very strong country look, the result of a really robust bumper. 

However, some interesting sporty 'nods', such as the two-tone bodywork, large black alloy wheels and a bonnet with sharp lines, are also cleverly integrated into the package.

Of course, an electrified SUV

Of course, the new RAV4 will continue to be a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, but will it retain the naturally aspirated 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine as the basis for these powertrains? Nothing is known, but I would be surprised if there is a change in this area. 

But Toyota is sure to increase power and performance, while improving fuel economy, by making greater use of electric power, as it has been doing in its new vehicles. 

At the beginning of the year, we asked employees of the Japanese brand if we would hear news of a new RAV4 in 2024 and the answer was no, but hopefully in 2025.

Pricing? When it arrives, it's likely to be close to or even above €40,000 (£35,000), although we'll have to see the context at that time because, for example, right now, several manufacturers are lowering prices somewhat.

Sources: Carsguide and Thanos Pappas