The Valiance Pick-up Defender 130 from Heritage Customs in the Netherlands is an experiment that aims to combine functionality and style in a robust and powerful package. With a starting price of around €155,000 (approx. £130,000) excluding VAT, this project is certainly not for the general public, but you really have to want this converted Defender 130 X Dynamic SE.

The basis of the Valiance pick-up from Heritage Customs is the Land Rover Defender 130 X Dynamic SE, which is known for its off-road capability and reliability. The pick-up conversion adds a new dimension of versatility to the vehicle by combining the Defender's robust construction with the practical load area of a pick-up.

This should make it the ideal companion for adventure-seekers who value style and functionality. It also includes exclusive leather upholstery, a new paint finish and your choice of wheels.

Gallery: Heritage Customs Valiance Pick-Up based on Land Rover Defender

The purchase process for the Valiance pick-up is just as exclusive as the vehicle itself. Interested parties can secure one of the production slots with a deposit of €15,000 (£12,700). After submitting their personal details, buyers receive a provisional offer. Once the deposit has been accepted and transferred, an appointment is made with the head designer to discuss individual wishes.

Customers receive various designs to ensure that the final product meets their expectations. The offer is then adjusted and finalised. Once the project starts, a deposit of 50% of the total price is due, and the remaining 50% on completion. During the production phase, customers receive photos and videos of the progress and are welcome to visit the team on site at any time.

Upon completion of the project, the Valiance pick-up is test-driven and customers receive a document recording all stages of development. In addition, the company provides support with export procedures and registration issues.

With its customised design and exclusive purchasing process, it aims to set new standards in the luxury pick-up sector. For those who are looking for the extraordinary and are prepared to invest a lot of money  for a unique driving experience, the Valiance pick-up is probably the ultimate choice.