Born for the race track, homologated for the road. With these words begins the press release announcing the debut of the Aston Martin Valiant, which is visually and technically related to the Valour, but takes every element to a new level.

When you have the expertise of one of the best and most famous racing drivers in the world at your disposal, you should seize the opportunity. The new Aston Martin Valiant was developed specifically at the request of Fernando Alonso, who represents Aston Martin in the colours of the Aston Martin Aramco team on Formula 1 circuits around the world.

The Spanish superstar wanted a lighter, sportier and more extreme version of the Valour. And how can you turn down a wish from a two-time F1 world champion and two-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

2025 Aston Martin Valiant
2025 Aston Martin Valiant


The fact that the Valiant is derived from the Valour is evident in many places, from the front to the rear. However, it goes without saying that the style of the base model has been significantly tightened up. The shapes of the English sports car are not so much designed to please everyone - although we are already captivated by this design - as to be effective. Shapes that follow the function as to cut through the air as well as possible.

2025 Aston Martin Valiant

From the 21-inch magnesium wheels to the rear spoiler, from the wavy wings to the truncated rear, everything plays an aerodynamic role. In addition to aerodynamics, another important aspect is weight, which has been significantly reduced by using carbon fibre for every square centimetre of the bodywork.

We cannot fail to mention that the exhaust system framed by the rear diffuser and four titanium pipes gives the V12 an even more spectacular voice.


There is an open gearshift gate in the carbon housing, of which the mechanism below it is completely visible. But here is the undisputed star of the Aston Martin Valiant's interior: the 6-speed manual gearbox, matched to the V12 engine. It is a mechanical masterpiece that creates a unique car.

Limited for two people, the interior only accommodates two seats made of carbon fibre. This material is also used for many other details and alternates with Alcantara, leather and other materials. 

Aston Martin Valiant, the interior

Aston Martin Valiant, the interior

Aston Martin Valiant, the interior

Aston Martin Valiant, visible manual shifter gate

The Aston Martin Valiant is made for the racetrack and features racing harnesses, an integrated half-cage and many other elements from motorsport. The Valiant is also an analogue racer that does not dispense with the digital as the two monitors for instrumentation and infotainment prove.


Under the bonnet lurks a twin-turbo V12 with a displacement of 5.2 litres, 745 PS and 753 Nm of torque, which is kept in check by a carbon-ceramic brake system with 410 mm discs at the front and 360 mm discs at the rear. Driving performance figures have not yet been released, but they certainly live up to the hype.

Apart from the engine under the long bonnet, which incidentally does without any electrification, the new Aston Martin super sports car is full of technical innovations compared to the Valour. For example, there are the new Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) dampers, which can adjust the response behaviour of the suspension practically in real time. It is a particularly sophisticated system from motorsport.

Aston Martin Valiant

Aston Martin Valiant, the rear

Aston Martin Valiant

Aston Martin Valiant

Of course, there are also various driving modes to adjust numerous parameters such as engine response, set-up, etc. to suit every situation and preference.


Only 38 examples of the Aston Martin Valiant will be produced, and the prices are not known. Considering that demand for the Valour was well over £1 million, its sharpest version could easily reach £1.5 million.

Its debut is planned for the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where it will drive on the legendary English hill with superstar Fernando Alonso, its godfather and first customer, at the wheel.

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