The facelifted and technically improved Golf R has just been presented and Volkswagen is already pushing ahead with an exclusive special model. The "Black Edition" is a sinister journeyman that basically anticipates everything that the Golf tuner likes to do himself after the purchase. The motto: Black is back!

According to the Volkswagen press release, it has the potential to become a design icon: the Golf R "Black Edition". We don't want to go that far out on a limb, because it lacks a bit of substance to become an icon. After all, only visual details distinguish the "Black Edition" from its freshly modelled R brothers. 

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However, VW has shown a sure instinct here and worked on precisely the fine details that make the big difference. "Back in Black" could have been the motto here.

The special model comes with 19-inch "Estoril" rims as standard, in black of course. The black "Warmenau" forged wheels are also available as an option. Also always on board is the "Performance Package", which not only makes the Golf up to 168 mph fast, but also has the additional "Drift" and "Special" driving modes.

The special mode was explicitly designed for the conditions of the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. With softer suspension characteristics, the Golf copes better with undulating roads. This mode is therefore more recommended on country roads, where the "Race" mode is clearly too harsh. 

VW Golf R Black Edition (2024)

VW Golf R Black Edition (2024)

In addition, the downshifts in automatic DSG mode - depending on the brake pressure - should perfectly match every braking manoeuvre before cornering. A larger, air-flow roof edge spoiler provides additional downforce. The "Performance Package" also includes the GPS lap timer and accelerometer.

Depending on lateral acceleration and accelerator pedal return ("Fast Off"), the current gear is held permanently. In manual DSG mode, the usual forced upshifts and kickdowns are also - FINALLY - no longer necessary, giving the driver maximum control over the individual gear ratios.

Visually, the designers coloured everything that shines black. The logos were blackened, as were the brake callipers, headlights and tailpipe trims. Measures that many a tuning enthusiast would otherwise have to carry out themselves afterwards. You can bet that the part numbers of these parts will quickly become particularly hotly traded in the popular forums, after all, everything can also be fitted to a "normal" R using plug&play.