Volvo has announced the return of its beloved estate cars, the V60 and V90, to the UK market. After a brief hiatus to prioritise its popular SUV lineup, the Swedish firm is bringing back these versatile and stylish models due to a renewed interest in estate cars. This news was first uncovered by Autocar.

The new UK-bound V60 and V90 are expected to hit showrooms soon, with pricing details to be released in the coming weeks. Previously, the V60 was available for at least £47,750 as a mild hybrid and £57,580 as a plug-in hybrid. The V90 PHEV, in turn, previously carried a price tag of £62,220. While exact figures for the new models are yet to be confirmed, pricing is expected to be similar.

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"We removed the V60 and V90 from sale in the UK last August amid falling appetite for estate cars. While this remains a long-term trend, we have seen a resurgence for our estate products in recent months and have decided to reintroduce the V60 and V90 to our UK portfolio in response to this. We will begin taking orders next month. When operating in a fast-moving industry, we continually re-evaluate our product portfolio to ensure we have the right mix to serve all our customers. As part of this process, it is not uncommon for us to remove certain models or derivatives from sale and reintroduce them later,” Volvo said in a statement to Autocar.

The V60 will offer a range of powertrains, including a 2.0-litre mild-hybrid petrol engine producing 197 bhp, capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in 7.6 seconds. For those seeking more power, the V60 also boasts two petrol plug-in hybrid options, delivering 350 bhp and a robust 455 bhp.

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On the other hand, the V90 returns exclusively with plug-in hybrid powertrains. The most powerful variant can sprint from 0-62 mph in a mere 5.5 seconds and offers an impressive electric-only range of over 50 miles, making it both a performance powerhouse and a practical choice for eco-conscious drivers.

The V60 was first introduced in 2010, offering a sleek, sporty design combined with the practicality Volvo is known for. Meanwhile, the V90, unveiled in 2016, marked a significant evolution in Volvo’s estate lineup, blending luxury and versatility in a way that appealed to a broad audience. These models have built a loyal following over the years, celebrated for their reliability, safety features, and timeless design.