What will the electric Ferrari look like? This is a question that has yet to be answered, so we don't know if it will be a classic coupé, if it will take on SUV forms like the Purosangue or if it will introduce a type of bodywork not present in the Maranello range. But we may now have our first clue.

In the video presentation of the e-building, where the Ferrari of the future will be born, we can see a car covered in a red tarpaulin. Its shape and proportions cannot be attributed to the Cavallino's current production run. What if it really is the Ferrari electric?

A sports crossover?

Nose as long as a V12, tail as light as a feather and apparently a 4-door body. Practically a thoroughbred, then, but why show it covered? Is it because Maranello wants to 'play' with the public? Or is the first electric Ferrari in history really hidden under the red cloth?

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari electric teaser

It must be said that the FUV was present during the inauguration of the e-bulding, together with the rest of the range, and it would make little sense (not) to show it even incognito. So yes, everything suggests that it really is the first battery-powered red, which will therefore have a crossover body and significant dimensions, without venturing into the world of electric hypercars. Perhaps, it's a more exploitable model, naturally capable of performances unknown to many cars on the planet, but with a focus not only on speed and acceleration.

Ferrari's e-building presentation video, the teaser of the electric car can be seen at 48'.

What will the first electric Ferrari look like?

Having said that, perhaps we know something about the aesthetics of the electric Ferrari. Let's quickly summarise everything we know about it. It will cost around €500,000 (approx. £422,000), "only" €65,000 more than a 12Cilindri Spider, will have structural batteries and will produce a genuine noise. The meaning of this last sentence, uttered by Emanuele Carando, head of product marketing, is enigmatic, but we certainly shouldn't be looking for the sound of the V12 in the electric Ferrari.

All that remains now is to wait for the first official information which will culminate in the presentation scheduled for 2025.