It's not easy to find second-hand vans at a discount right now, but our search has paid off. Here's a McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi with only 25,000 km (15,534 miles) on the clock, which now costs €9,000 (£7,600) less than before.

This model, which is located in Seville, is perfect for families, as it has four sleeping places, and is also fairly new, having been registered in February 2023. Its price? If you're thinking €65,000/€70,000 (£55,000/£60,000), you're very wrong, because it can be yours for €59,995 (£50,700).

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Camper 'hidden'

The van is a reliable and well-loved Fiat Ducato with 140 PS Multijet diesel engine, which also comes with cruise control, radioCD, DAB digital radio receiver, central locking and climate control.   

From the outside, it's fairly unobtrusive and doesn't look like it's 'hiding' a home, so don't be afraid to park it in urban areas as it's not likely to be burgled.

Camper McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi

Camper McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi

Camper McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi

Camper McLouis Menfys 3 Maxi

Heating and hot water

If we focus on the conversion, this McLouis has two rear double beds, 1.90 metres long and 1.40 metres wide. In addition, the kitchen has two burners, a stainless steel sink and a refrigerator. 

The bathroom is also worth mentioning, as it has an integrated shower. And if you value having a camper to travel all year round, the Menfys 3 Maxi has gas heating and hot water.

Other highlights are the perfectly integrated wardrobes, the mosquito nets on doors and windows, as well as the electric step to access the cabin. The dinette has four seats thanks to the swivelling front seats with armrests, and the panoramic skylight creates plenty of light in the interior. 

The advertiser claims that this Ducato "is very comfortable for travelling and getting around". In any case, if you have any doubts or want further information, nothing better than to open the following Mundovan link and contact this advertising company.

Source: Mundovan