The BMW X3 M Competition is certainly not a car that leaves much to be desired ex works. However, tuner Manhart sees the top-of-the-range X3 as a solid starting point from which to create its MHX3 650. Not only has the performance increased considerably, but there have also been some changes to the look.

For most customers, the 510 PS and aggressive look of the BMW X3 M should be more than enough, but there are always those who want to stand out from the crowd (if you can even call it that in the case of the X3 M ), and do so at the top. Manhart has a whole package of measures ready for these wealthy folks.

Gallery: Manhart BMW X3 M Competition (2024)

Under the bonnet, an additional control unit provides an extra 140 PS. The torque increases to 880 Nm. The stainless steel exhaust system with flap function, which is connected to Manhart Sport downpipes with 200-cell HJS catalytic converters and ends in four 100-millimetre carbon tailpipes, is also not uninvolved in the power injection. Alternatively, a version with ceramic-coated tailpipes is also available.

The visual changes bring the X3 M closer to the BMW XM SUV. The carbon aerodynamics kit includes a front and rear spoiler as well as corresponding side skirts. A diffuser, also made of carbon fibre, has also been fitted. Not to be missed apparently the Manhart-typical decor, which was applied in matt silver rather than gold. But it would certainly be worth considering not having any at all...

Manhart BMW X3 M Competition (2024)

The mudguards are fitted with black multispoke aluminium wheels with silver outer rings, which are also available in other colours. In sizes 9 x 22 and 10.5 x 22 and fitted with 255/35 and 395/30 tyres, they not only fill the wheel arches nicely, but also provide more grip. Lowering springs from H&R ensure a lower centre of gravity. 

A little carbon fibre can also be found in the interior. In addition, Manhart offers the fulfilment of any customer request via its in-house saddlery.