Aston Martin can offer Adrian Newey the benefits of being part of a “young” and “exciting” project, reckons Lance Stroll.

The Silverstone-based team has ramped up its efforts to lure the star designer on board once his current contract with Red Bull ends in the first quarter of next year.

While a number of teams are in the hunt to try to secure Newey’s services, it has emerged that Aston Martin is doing all it can to succeed after it gave the Briton a private factory tour recently.

It is understood that Aston Martin tried to keep the visit secret, by requesting staff leave the facility when Newey was there, but news of it has still leaked out.

While Newey is unlikely to rush making a call on what he does, with Ferrari team boss Fred Vasseur also understood to have spoken personally to him, the fight to win him over looks likely to be quite intense.

But while other options like Ferrari, McLaren and Williams have their obvious pros and cons, Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll reckons that his squad has some aces up its sleeve in terms of what it can offer.

Asked what he thinks the team can give Newey over other competitors, Stroll said: “Well, you know, it's a super exciting factory. We have a young team, but a very exciting project. You know, wind tunnel, everything that you already know. That's very exciting about our team.”

Adrian Newey at Miami GP 2024

Adrian Newey, Chief Technology Officer, Red Bull Racing

Stroll said he was unaware of where things were at with Newey, saying the situation looks especially fluid.

“Well, I think everyone in this paddock wants to meet Adrian Newey,” he said. “I hear a lot of things, mainly from you guys. I mean, last week I heard he was going to Ferrari and now he's coming to us. Next week he's going to be going to Williams! So I listen to you guys.

“But I mean, he's a legend in the sport. He has more championships than anyone in this paddock, drivers, engineers, anyone. Everyone loves Adrian and wants Adrian.”

Stroll’s team-mate Fernando Alonso was less forthcoming on the Newey situation when asked ahead of the Spanish GP.

“There are many questions on that,” said Alonso. “I read the rumours, I read the news. But it's coming from the same source and the same websites of one week ago [saying] he was in Ferrari and it was the announcement at 12 o'clock before Canada race. So yeah, rumours are rumours.”