Bugatti has presented its new hypercar. It's called 'Tourbillon' and it s, for the first time in history, a hybrid car. It retains a link with the past in style, configuration and powertrain, as it continues to mount a 16-cylinder petrol engine (this time with a V rather than a W), while adding no less than three electric motors.

Technology aside, one statistic is striking: acceleration. The French sports car, which has always been considered a benchmark, even in the segment of the world's fastest cars, can't beat the Rimac Nevera. At least, not in the 0-62 mph sprint.

Bugatti Tourbillon

Bugatti Tourbillon

Delivery of Rimac Nevera's first customer in the United States

Rimac Nevera

The comparison between the two cars arises naturally, given that Bugatti and Rimac are now closely linked, belonging to the same group headed by Mate Rimac. The fact is that the Bugatti may have a few less horsepower, but it's also lighter and newer. Yet it goes slower, or rather, slightly slower.

Clash of the titans

First of all, let's compare the figures. The Rimac Nevera weighs in at 2300 kg, develops 1916 PS and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 1.81 seconds. What's more, it does 0-124 mph in 4.42 seconds, 0-186 mph in 9.22 seconds and 0-249 mph in 21.31 seconds.

The Bugatti Tourbillon weighs 1,995 kg (the Chiron, without electric motors and batteries, stopped at 1,950 kg), develops 1,800 PS on the ground and accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 2 seconds, which is more than respectable. It takes less than 5 seconds to go from 0 to 124 mph, around 10 seconds to reach 186 mph from a standing start and around 25 seconds to cover 0 to 249 mph. Stunning figures, but a notch below its electric cousin.

Tourbillon Bugatti

Bugatti Tourbillon

There's one point on which the Bugatti Tourbillon is a winner: top speed. It tops out at 236 mph if you keep the limiter on, but can push the odometer needle up to 277 mph if you activate the 'Speed Key' mode, which requires a special key-ignition procedure. The Nevera stops at 256 mph.

  Rimac Nevera Bugatti Tourbillon
Weight 2,300 kg 1,995 kg
Maximum power 1914 PS 1,800 PS (1,000 with V16)
0-62 1.81 2.0
0-124 4.42 5.0
0-186 9.22 10.0
0-249 21.31 25.0
Top speed 256 mph 277 mph

Waiting for the film versions

Data aside, it seems that Mate Rimac did not want to outdo himself. At least for the time being, given that over the course of its career, the Bugatti Tourbillon will be offered in a series of even more advanced variants (we can already imagine the SuperSport or, even higher, a kind of new-generation Bolide).

It's also true that, according to certain statements by the boss of the young Bugatti-Rimac group, the Nevera could evolve towards a version equipped with a combustion engine (really?). When that happens, how much horsepower will it have, and how will it compare with the Bugatti?

Perhaps a notch higher, given that it's a pure sports car rather than a hyper grand tourer like Molsheim's latest creature. So, yes, it could threaten the records of the battery-powered Nevera. But for the moment, it's best to remain conditional.

Tourbillon Bugatti

The Bugatti Tourbillon engine

Interior of the Bugatti Tourbillon

The interior of the Bugatti Tourbillon

Interior of the Bugatti Tourbillon

The Bugatti Tourbillon picture

Is it the same car?

Speaking of speculation, while there's no official news yet, a look at some of the technical data suggests that the Bugatti Tourbillon's platform, which the company says is entirely new compared to that of the current Chiron, could be the same or at least very similar to that of the Nevera.

Take the wheelbase: 2.740 metres versus 2.745 metres. An almost identical measurement, as are the others. In the Bugatti, the length is 4.671 metres, the width 2.051 and the height 1.189. In the Nevera, the length is 4.75 metres, the width 1.98 and the height 1.2.

For the moment, if we stick to the official information, we know that Bugatti is no longer top of the class. At least, not when it comes to pure speed. Oh, and it costs twice as much as the other one.

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