The veils have been removed on the new Fiat Grande Panda, the 100% electric version of the Italian bestseller. An epoch-making change in terms of powertrain, proportions, style and dimensions - it is almost 4 metres long - destined to set the standard. As repeatedly anticipated by the company itself, a family of models will be born from the Grande Panda, united by certain styling traits and mechanics, the STLA Smart brought to debut by the new Citroën C3 and created to accommodate different powertrains.

It is a philosophy that will follow in the footsteps of the Fiat 500, which has covered different product segments with the 500X and 500L, but this time at a level of differentiation never before tackled. But what will we see in the future? We don't have to look at any crystal balls or rely on rumours. In fact, it was Fiat itself that told us - a few months ago - what models will be coming to the Grande Panda family.

Fiat Grande Panda

The model that will start the revolution. We already know a lot, if not everything, about it. Partly thanks to official information, partly thanks to some spy photos that show for the first time the interior of the Fiat Grande Panda, quite different from that of the new Citroën C3.

As for the engines, we expect a range taken in full from the French counterpart: a 113 PS 100% electric powertrain, 1.2 petrol (also mild hybrid) with 100 PS. Prices? It is too early to say, but the electric version could be under €25,000 (£22,000) with the basic version, those with the 1.2 instead could settle around €15,000 (£13,000).  

Fiat Panda Fastback

Small cars are going strong in Europe and other markets, but not everywhere. So the Fiat Grande Panda will be transformed to become also a fastback that, to quote Fiat, aims to have its say in markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, while also targeting the Old Continent. The styling can be traced back to that of the Grande Panda, with much more generous dimensions that have not been officially announced. 

As for the debut date, it should be in 2026, taking the place of the Fiat Fastback (on sale in South America) and Fiat Tipo.

<p>Fiat Panda Fastback</p>

Fiat Panda Fastback

Fiat Panda SUV, the Giga Panda

The model that cannot be missing from the ranges of all manufacturers is an SUV. In this case it is called the 'Giga Panda' and should represent the flagship of the Panda family. The proportions are classic, with a decidedly imposing overall appearance. The roof is parallel to the ground, so as not to sacrifice interior space.

<p>Fiat Panda SUV</p>

Fiat Panda SUV

Fiat Panda pickup

North and South America love pick-ups. The Fiat Grande Panda responds with a pick-up. The front end is in line with that of the city car, while the shapes are more muscular and the rear box is the real distinguishing feature. Defined as a vehicle that "combines the characteristics of the pick-up with the functionality of an LCV and the comfort of an SUV" it will also have dimensions "suitable for the city". However, considering the nature of pick-ups - work and transport vehicles - we expect a length of at least 4.8 metres. Far less than the Tesla Cybertruck.

<p>Fiat Panda pick-up</p>

Fiat Panda pick-up

Fiat Panda Camper

The first Fiat Panda, the one from 1980, offered the possibility of reclining the front seats - an optional extra at the time - to form a double bed using the rear bench seat for improvised campers. Now with the latest generation, it's getting serious with the Fiat Panda Camper. Certainly the most original concept presented a few months ago. It is a camper van, with solutions suitable for life in the open air. According to Francois, it is the definitive evolution of the original Fiat Panda from 1980. Versatility and simplicity.

<p>Fiat Panda Camper</p>

Fiat Panda Camper

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