BYD has officially announced the UK pricing for its first plug-in hybrid model for the European market, the Seal U DM-i, which is available in two trims with competitive pricing. The all-wheel-drive version is set at an on-the-road (OTR) price of £39,905, while the front-wheel-drive one is priced at £33,205. Both models come in four sleek exterior colours: Delan Black, Time Grey, Snow White, and Tian Qing.

The vehicles are backed by a comprehensive warranty package: a 6-year/93,750-mile full manufacturer’s warranty, an 8-year/125,000-mile warranty for at least 70 per cent of the battery’s original capacity, and an 8-year/93,750-mile warranty for the electric motor. Starting in September, UK customers can order the model from official BYD dealers.

Gallery: BYD Seal U DM-i

Powering the Seal U DM-i is the firm’s Electric Hybrid System, which integrates a 1.5-litre Xiaoyun Hybrid Engine with a robust cobalt-free battery. This system smartly switches between electric and hybrid electric modes to maximise electric propulsion, ensuring efficient and eco-friendly driving. The engine also charges the battery, which is supported by regenerative technology.

The AWD variant features dual high-power electric motors (201 PS front and 161 PS rear) and an 18.3 kWh battery, paired with the in-house developed 1.5-litre turbo mill. Combined, these elements deliver a system peak power of 319 PS.

The FWD includes the 1.5-litre hybrid engine in a weaker tune, working with a 195-PS electric motor and the same 18.3 kWh battery. This configuration yields a total system power of 215 PS, offering an electric driving range of 49.7 miles and a total range of 671 miles when fully charged and fueled.