Wow, 280 PS in a small car SUV: Alfa Romeo amazes us with its new model called Junior, which was originally to be called Milano. The new model series based on the CMP platform, on which the Opel Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 2008, Jeep Avenger & Co. are also based, is getting an amazingly powerful top model with a purely electric drive.

So far, two electric motors have been announced for the Alfa Romeo Junior: the 156 PS motor, which we have known for some time, and the 240 PS motor from the Abarth 600 Elektro and Lancia Ypsilon HF. Now, however, Alfa is announcing a version with a whopping 280 PS, and we have never heard of this motor before.

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce

Following tests, the development team was able to confirm the 280 PS output of the Alfa Romeo Junior Veloce, writes the brand. This is a "significant increase on the previously communicated 240 PS". According to Alfa, the "newly developed" electric motor also delivers a maximum torque of 345 Newton metres. This has raised the Junior Veloce to the performance level of the Veloce variants of the Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale, all of which also deliver 280 PS.

In addition to the 280 PS motor, the Veloce also has a very direct steering ratio (14.6:1), a suspension lowered by 25 and reinforced stabilisers at the front and rear.

The 20-inch aluminium wheels are fitted with special electric car tyres. The car is slowed down with a sports brake system with 380 mm discs at the front and four-piston monobloc brake callipers. A Torsen differential is designed to optimise the grip of the tyres even when high performance is required on slippery surfaces. The latter probably also answers the question of how to get 280 PS onto the road via the front axle alone in a relatively small model.

All this reads as if the previously announced 240 PS version with Veloce equipment is being replaced by the 280 PS variant. If this is the case, it is a very unusual move, as the 240 PS Veloce version is still on the official price list:

Alfa Romeo Junior price list: In addition to the mild hybrid, there are currently 2 electric variants (156 and 241 PS)

On the Alfa website, the new version called Junior Elettrica 280 Veloce already appears, while a Junior Elettrica 240 Veloce version does not appear anywhere. Whether the 280 PS version will be added to the two previously announced motor versions, or whether it will replace the 240 PS version, remains to be seen.

Screenshot from the Alfa website: Only the 280 PS (207 kW) motor is listed for the Veloce trim level

The bottom line

So far, Alfa has announced two electric motor versions for the Junior. Neither was a surprise, as the motors are familiar from other Group vehicles. The 280 PS motor is a different story. Regardless of whether this is added to the familiar motor or replaces the 240 PS variant, the new unit is interesting. Perhaps we will find out more about it at our test date at the beginning of July, when we drive the Junior Veloce. 

Gallery: Alfa Romeo Milano