For Ferrari, too, the electric era is about to begin, but it will not be an abandonment of thermic engines to switch entirely to zero-emission power, rather a flanking one.

With the inauguration on 21 June 2024 of the new e-building in Maranello, in which the company's entire range will be built with thermal, hybrid and electric engines over the next few years, the company has also opened up a little about the first battery-powered models, of which there will be two and which will have starting prices of at least €500,000 (approx. £422,000). Here are the details.

Everything in the new factory

The new production plant that Maranello will unveil on 21 June 2024 will be able to produce up to 20,000 cars a year, a number that is in some ways high for the company, which in 2023 delivered 'only' 13,663 cars, a figure that many consider 'necessary' to maintain the exclusivity of the company's products.

This new e-building in Maranello will also be able to produce electric cars, the same cars that, according to reports from Reuters recently, are currently being studied by the company's engineers.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the test

Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the electric engine

Coming by the end of 2025, perhaps

Again according to the news agency, Ferrari's first two zero-emission cars are almost ready, with the first one possibly arriving on the market by the end of 2025.

The latter, in particular, according to a source close to the company told the agency, should cost at least €500,000, a value higher than the average for current products, but necessary to maintain margins, given the high design costs of electric cars - which in the case of Maranello will also emit an 'authentic' noise.

But that is not all. According to the news agency, the Maranello company is also simultaneously working on a second electric car, currently in the early stages of development and expected to debut later this year.

Ferrari 296 GTB

Ferrari 296 GTB, the charging socket

According to Reuters, Ferrari itself has not responded to a request for clarification on the price of this first zero-emission car, and more will have to wait for the coming months.