At the gates of the Porsche Centre in Ingolstadt, the German carmaker is opening a new charging hub. Located a short distance from the A9 motorway, the new centre is equipped with four DC charging stations capable of a charging speed of 400 kW.

In addition, there are also four 22 kW AC charging stations, as well as the Porsche Charging Lounge for relaxing while waiting for charging.

Charging with all comforts

Access to this important charging hub is only intended for Porsche-branded electric and plug-in hybrid models. In fact, to access the area, you must have a Porsche ID profile associated with your car. In this case, once in the vicinity of the entrance, the barriers will be lifted thanks to number plate recognition. Alternatively, access can be gained via the MyPorsche app or the Porsche Charging Card.

Porsche Charging Lounge a Ingolstadt

Porsche Charging Lounge a Ingolstadt

In any case, the ones to benefit most from the 400 kW charging speed are undoubtedly the latest Taycan models, which can 'accept' up to 320 kW, thus recharging from 10 per cent to 80 per cent in about 21 minutes. While waiting there is access to a lounge with toilets, snacks and soft drinks, as well as high-speed wifi.

An expanding network

This is not the first Porsche Charging Lounge built by the German brand. Already in the summer of 2023, a station was opened in Bingen am Rhein, Germany, a two-minute drive from the motorway junction of the A60 and A61, with 10 charging points, six of them 300 kW.

In the future there will be more in Germany, in addition to those planned in Austria and Switzerland. In addition to these points, there are 700,000 charging stations that can be accessed via the Porsche Charging Service. Of these, 45,000 allow charging up to 150 kW.

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