The Fiat Grande Panda is one of the most eagerly awaited models of 2024 and after seeing it in its definitive version thanks to the first official photos, here it is appearing on the streets of Turin. No preview test, but a simple filming session for the commercial that will be aired in a few weeks.

The photos were published by the Instagram profile au_tospotter, which shows the Fiat Grande Panda in different angles and with a different colour than the one shown in the official images.

The electric one

The model version in the shots is the Fiat Grande Panda in a 100% electric version, a detail revealed by the absence of the exhaust and by an image showing it while it is being recharged. The brick-coloured bodywork allows us to better appreciate some elements of the sides, with deep ribs running through them in the central part. The 'Panda' lettering - present above the sill and on the tailgate - also stands out more.

The new photos do not help us get an idea of what the entire Fiat Grande Panda will look like. To our aid comes the concept presented some time ago, which is very similar in style to the production version. Of course, the typical excesses of the prototypes will be eliminated, but between reminders of the past - the iconic pockmark of the first Fiat Panda - and the minimalist ambience with just the right touch of technology, we will find many elements seen on the concept. Along with points of contact with the new Citroën C3, with which it shares the STLA Smart Car platform.


The same will be true for the combustion engines, with the 113 PS electric powertrain - scheduled to debut - and the 100 PS 1.2-litre petrol. A multi-energy range with prices expected to be below €25,000 (approx. £22,000) for the electric and around €15,000 (£13,000) for the combustion version.

For more information, we only have to wait until 11 July 2024, when the Fiat Grande Panda will be officially presented.

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