On this website we have shown you the Dacia Sandman, the recreation of an inexpensive camper van that would take this market by storm, but the Romanian brand could also enter other niches, such as cargo and transport vans. 

Look at the Dacia Vaner 2024. Like the Sandman, it is just a digital proposal, in this case by Romanian illustrator Andreï Dila, who has created it according to the Romanian brand's latest design language. 

Dacia Vaner 2024

Dacia Vaner 2024

Van with a crossover appearance

The vehicle thus sports a front end with Y-shaped daytime running lights and a narrow illuminated grille, which features the new Dacia logo. The robust front bumper and underbody protection give the car a strong off-road look. 

The large, blacked-out windows bring a bright interior and a remarkable sense of space. At the rear, there are two large side-opening doors. Dacia lettering is featured on both the side and rear. 

Gallery: Dacia Sandman

Trafic diesel engines

Andreï Dila has not recreated the interior of this Dacia van, nor has the vehicle been fitted with engines. This is not a problem, because the diesel engines can be extrapolated from the Renault Trafic: Blue dCi 110, 150 and 170, for example. 

Of course, the Dacia Vaner 2024 range would also include options with different lengths, number of seats and load capacity, to suit all kinds of needs. 

Less than 25,000 euros

If the Trafic is on sale in Europe, particularly in Spain, from €27,500, it would not be unreasonable to market the Dacia well below €25,000 in order to make it the affordable benchmark in the segment. Anyway, do you think this vehicle is a good idea? 

As we said with the Sandman (see video below), we are convinced that Dacia would make a lot of sales and thus expand its profitability. Will the Romanian brand ever get the green light to enter other niche markets?

Source: El carro colombiano