Everyone wants to make the electric car cheap, but it is one thing to say what you want to achieve and another to actually achieve it. So Ford, which has been going through a somewhat complicated period with regard to its zero-emission range, in order to come up with an affordable battery car on the market, has turned to real experts in the field.

An analysis carried out by the US website TechCrunch shows that Ford has hired around 300 people in the past year, who have gone on to form a new team dedicated precisely to the design of 'low-cost' electric cars.

It takes after its competitors

Of these 300 new hires, around 50 concern former Rivian employees. These are joined by more than 20 Tesla engineers and a dozen employees of the start-up Canoo. Remaining on the subject of car manufacturers focusing on electric mobility, 10 employees with a background in Lucid Motors have also joined Ford in the past year. But that's not all.

Electric Ford Explorer (2023)

The electric Ford Explorer, built on a Volkswagen platform

Also making up the team are some engineers who worked at Apple, probably engineers who had been put on Project Titan, the initiative that was set up to make an electric car and was recently put on hold. Finally, the team also includes two aerodynamic engineers with a background in Formula 1.

Keeping costs down is the priority

Jim Farley, Ford's CEO, has not explicitly confirmed the creation of the team, but in a recent public statement he said: "All of our electric vehicle teams are ruthlessly focused on cost containment and the efficiency of our battery-powered products, because that's the only way we can beat competitors like Chinese manufacturers or Tesla".

Ford's new 'secret' team comes close on the heels of the other group that was created by the company in 2023 with the acquisition of the start-up Auto Motive Power. AMP, with its 100 people, was bought precisely to help Ford in the transition with the development of a new platform for economical electric vehicles.

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