It's not really a surprise. Fiat had been hinting for some time that it was working on a new Panda of sorts. In February 2024, Fiat boss Olivier Francois presented a study, of which a surprising amount made it into series production. Now, here are first photos and the name: Say hello to the Grande Panda.

Fiat is thus clearly differentiating the new model from the previous Panda, which will continue to be built with a combustion engine until at least 2026. "Grande Panda" is reminiscent of the Grande Punto from 2005, which also briefly rolled off the production line alongside its predecessor. 

Gallery: Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

The Fiat Grande Panda is the first new product in a model family that will be followed by a new vehicle every year until 2027. It was developed for global markets and is based on the STLA Smart platform. This allows for different drive technologies and can be used in all regions of the world, starting with Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

This gives Fiat the opportunity to develop vehicle models that cater to the individual local needs of customers worldwide. At launch, the Fiat Grande Panda will be available with electric drive and hybrid technology.

Designed in Italy for the whole world

The Fiat Grande Panda, designed at the Centro Stile in Turin, falls into the B segment with a length of 3.99 metres. The new model is a five-door and resembles the 4.01 metre long Citroën C3 for good reason. The Grande Panda is likely to take over the favourable prices from this model, but also the drive systems. This means: purely electric with 113 PS and a mild hybrid petrol engine with 136 PS. It remains to be seen whether the 101 PS basic petrol engine from the C3 will be added at some point. 

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Citroën C3 (2024) in test drive

Citroën C3 (2024)

The body design of the Grande Panda sets itself apart from the C3 very successfully (in our opinion) and incorporates stylistic elements from the iconic predecessor model. It has a robust and clearly structured appearance with typical Italian design. The combination of striking lines and strong surfaces is emphasised even more by the pronounced wheel arches.

The front section is particularly striking as orthogonal lines wrap around the square radiator grille. The implied underride guard emphasises the robust character of the new Fiat Grande Panda. The signature of the daytime running lights consists of horizontal pixels arranged in a chequerboard pattern. This is reminiscent of the study from February 2024.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

The silhouette of the new Fiat Grande Panda is reminiscent of its historic predecessor from the 1980s. An effect that is further emphasised by the roof rails. The three-dimensional PANDA lettering on the door surfaces is a surprising homage to the classic Fiat Panda 4x4. Black, square elements in the C-pillars have a 3D effect. Depending on the viewing angle, they show the word FIAT or the brand logo consisting of four bars.

40 years of the Fiat Panda

Fiat Panda (1980)

Fiat Panda 2024 Concept

Fiat Panda Concept (Februar 2024)

The rear also has a striking look. The relationship between the window area, body section and bumper is intended to symbolise protection and stability. The FIAT lettering on the tailgate pays homage to the historic Fiat Panda, and the rear lights may also remind some people of the classic model.

The new Fiat Grande Panda stands on 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. The central X on the wheels quotes geometries from the 1980s and combines them with a futuristic style.

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Fiat Grande Panda (2024)

Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat and Global CMO of Stellantis, explains: "The best way to celebrate Fiat's 125th anniversary is to look to the future. It starts with the new Fiat Grande Panda. The new model, designed at the Centro Stile Fiat in Turin, embodies the values of its predecessor. The new Fiat Grande Panda is based on a platform that can be used worldwide, giving us the opportunity to extend the reach of Fiat.

With the Fiat Grande Panda, we are beginning the transition to global, shared platforms that cover all regions of the world. We are passing on the resulting benefits to our customers. The Fiat Grande Panda is perfect for families and urban mobility in any country - the new model is a true Fiat."

When exactly and at what price the Grande Panda will come onto the market is still open. At the moment, the only vague information is "launch in Europe, the Middle East and Africa". Fiat has also not yet revealed any images of the interior. We will probably only see more on 11 July 2024 as part of Fiat's big birthday celebrations.