BMW is currently facelifting everything that's not a tree. In just a few days, we have seen the mega overhaul of the 1 Series, the facelift for the entire 3 and 4 Series and model year updates for various other model series. And now a car that was launched on the market just 14 months ago is also getting a makeover. We are talking about the performance pitbull BMW M2.

The second generation M2 was criticised from the outset for its design and high weight of around 1,800 kilos. The fact that the G87 is an absolute gem to drive is often forgotten by the critics. The current car is a real performance beast, as we found out in our test

Now it's getting a bit beastlier, because the power cube is getting more power. In the future, the S58 3.0-litre biturbo R6 will also be able to fire in the M2, as it does in the basic M3/M4. In other words, with 480 PS instead of the previous 460 PS, the power is available at 6,250 rpm and the maximum revs are 7,200 rpm. 

In the 6-speed manual gearbox, the maximum torque is 550 Nm as before. Those who opt for the 8-speed automatic transmission will in the future be able to send up to 600 Nm towards the rear axle, and this in the broad rev range from 2,650 to 6,130 rpm. This improves driving performance slightly to significantly.

From 0-62 mph it is a tenth quicker in each case, which is 4.0 seconds with the automatic, and 4.2 seconds with the 6-speed box. The 124 mph mark is now reached 0.6 seconds faster. It then takes 12.9 seconds (automatic) or 13.7 seconds (manual). Top speed: 155 mph as standard, 177 mph optional. 

But making it faster alone was not enough for the M boys and girls. The M2 should also react more immediately when you push it. That's why the accelerator pedal tuning and the response behaviour for all driving modes have been optimised. As a result, the car should offer "noticeably more spontaneous responses to the driver's acceleration desires" both with the 8-speed automatic and with the manual 6-speed box.

BMW M2 (2024) First photos

Left the M2 after the facelift

BMW M2 (2023) in Zandvoort Blau

On the right, the M2 from the test in 2023

As far as the appearance of the stocky brute is concerned, BMW probably saw less need for improvement than many fans. Apart from the exhaust tailpipes, which are now black as standard, and slightly modified lettering, nothing has changed on the outside. 

BMW M2 (2024) First photos

And here is the rear comparison: Left the new one

BMW M2 (2023) in the test

And hardly changed: Here the M2 before the facelift

At least the previously very thin colour palette has been expanded. New in the range are Sao Paulo Yellow uni, Fire Red metallic, Portimao Blue metallic and Skyscraper Grey metallic. In addition, the range of BMW Individual paint finishes for the new BMW M2 now also includes the variants Java Green, Voodoo Blue, Grigio Telesto and the immensely sharp Twilight Purple. In addition, a new double-spoke aluminium wheel in silver (19-inch front, 20-inch rear) is available as an option, which can also be ordered with track tyres.

Inside the M2, the questionable trend towards a steering wheel that is flattened at the bottom continues. We already know it from the latest M3/M4 facelift. It is made of leather as standard, but there is also the option of an Alcantara-covered version.

Gallery: BMW M2 (2024) First photos

The optional M sports seats are now also available in a red and black two-tone version. In addition, the carbon bucket seats will no longer only be offered in conjunction with the M Race Track package, but also as an individual option.

There are also some digital changes. The dual screen consisting of 12.3-inch instruments and 14.9-inch infotainment now runs the Operating System 8.5. In addition, the climate functions including seat heating and steering wheel heating are now operated digitally on the display or by voice. A new feature in the M2 is the augmented view function for the sat nav. 

UK customer deliveries of the revised BMW M2 will take place in autumn 2024 with a starting price of £63,360. You can place your order now at BMW retailers across the UK.


Max Power

Peak Torque

(0-62mph) (secs)

Top Speed

(WLTP) (g/km)

Consumption Combined
 (WLTP) (mpg)

RRP Starting Price
(excluding OTR costs)



600 /

4.0 /

155 / (177)

223 – 218

28.8 – 29.4


Incidentally, more than 40 per cent of total sales are achieved in Europe. The most important single market is the USA, followed by Germany, China, Great Britain and Japan. The Munich-based company has not yet commented on prices.